petitions are becoming a real force in our music scene. We’ve already seen one try to remove Front Porch Step from Warped Tour—and another try to oust Attila from Skate And Surf. Now, someone has launched a petition calling for Asking Alexandria to select Riff Raff as their new frontman. Seems legit.

This follows last night’s news that singer Danny Worsnop has left the band to peruse We Are Harlot full-time.  Both Riff Raff and Asking Alexandria are playing the 2015 Vans Warped Tour.

Petition creator Alex Baker writes, “They are frontmanless and without versace. They need someone who will tiptoe them in a new direction. The neon icon is the obvious choice. No one else is as strong or talented. Please consider this, Ben Bruce, James Cassells, Cameron Liddell and Sam Bettley.”

After launching last night, the petition has collected nearly 2,000 digital signatures. It looks like we have the Defend Pop Punk Facebook group to thank for starting this one.