[Photo by: California Department Of Corrections And Rehabilitation]

A bunch of Charles Manson's personal effects will soon be on display in Las Vegas, including the cult leader's pearly whites. That's right, a set of chompers from the notorious convict are making their way to the Haunted Museum.

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Zak Bagans, host of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures, reportedly bought some of the infamous criminal's everyday items soon after his death last week, according to TMZ. The spooky lot of the felon's loot features the set of Manson's dentures as well as a handmade pentagram necklace.

Bagans even has a photo of the dentures, signed by Manson, indicating their authenticity. The backstory to the false teeth is said to be a doozy: They were reportedly stolen from Manson by another inmate in the shower in 2010. That guy got out of prison and handed them off to a friend—and that person teased Manson with them. He wrote a letter asking for them back, to no avail.

That letter, the dentures, the necklace (made from “toilet paper and underwear” while he was locked up in Corcoran State Prison) are all part of Bagans' haul. They'll soon go on display at the TV show host's Haunted Musuem.

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