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Artists such as Migos, Lil Yachty and G-Eazy have subscribed to this new chatbot called Stashimi, which allows some of your favorite artists to interact with fans indirectly. After realizing that there was a large disconnect in the relationship between fans and artists due to social media’s declining reach, the chatbot gives bands a better opportunity to influence listeners.

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Inside the Facebook Messenger screen, fans can choose from a wide array of options and activities. For example, they can see when and where artists are touring, browse their favorite band’s online merch selection and watch music videos. Of course, fans can also download and stream music.

The Los Angeles start-up now caters to over 100 major artists. Stashimi gives bands access to lots of demographic information so that they can better target their future products. The chatbot even goes as far to tell your favs what other interests the fanbase has at large.

“Why should artists speak to every fan the same way? If you’re trying to build a relationship with someone spending money on you, you should be a little more personal,” Stashimi CMO Kosta Elchev says in a story with Billboard. “The new frontier is personalization.”

So how does this work? The chatbot will pop up when fans click “send message” while visiting the band’s Facebook page. At that point, you can click “get started” and then the bot will let you opt in or out of the service.


The bot even mimics artists’ word choices, providing a more intimate feeling.

“I think the fans know it’s not really, really him, but it’s close enough,” says G-Eazy’s manager, Matt Bauerschmidt. “It’s not like you’re talking to a 90-year-old lady.”

Will you be utilizing Stashimi to stay up-to-date with your favorite bands? Sound off in the comments below!