Let’s face it, there’s nothing much better than Pop-Tarts. You can eat them hot or cold, they can be breakfast or even dessert, and recently, they even partnered with Dunkin Donuts to make our iced coffee addiction that much better. But what would it look like if Kelloggs understood our love for horror?

Check out these horror inspired Pop-Tarts!

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Unfortunately, this isn’t a real thing that’s happening, but graphic designer Newt Cloninger-Clements has given us a peek at what these bloody awesome Pop-Tarts would look like. (See what I did there?)

Check out some of our favorites below!

Child’s Play:

“Child’s Play” Pop-Tarts by Newt Cloninger-Clements #Chucky #CharlesLeeRay #BradDourif #DonMancini #ChildsPlay #ChildsPlayMovie #JenniferTilly

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House of 1000 Corpses:

Rocky Horror Picture Show:

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