At this NYC bar, you can order drinks like the “Beetles juice” and dishes like “Edward Burger Hands.”

Beetle House NYC, founded by childhood friends Zach Neil and Brian Link, is—you guessed it—totally Tim Burton-themed.

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“If you kind of look down the left side of the bar it's a lot of artifacts and antiques and things that we feel look like they would be in a Burton film. So it's a lot of old books and medical equipment….Then the opposite side, the right side of the restaurant, is more movie memorabilia,” Neil told Reuters

Check out the Reuters story for a short video tour of the bar!

Beetle House opened in April, and is slated for a grand opening this summer. Interest has already piqued considerably: The bar is now taking dining reservations 180 days in advance!

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Neil and Link aren't amateurs in the themed-bar field. Their first bar, “Stay Classy,” is Will Ferrell-themed.

If you're in the NYC area, you can make a reservation at Beetle House right here.