One characteristic that defines Nirvana compared to any other rock band from that time period is Kurt Cobain's raw vocals. However, fans of the classic grunge band have gotten a glimpse at what Nirvana might have sounded like if Dave Grohl, now of the Foo Fighters, was on vocals instead of Cobain.

A recording has recently surfaced featuring Grohl singing “Marigold.” “Marigold” was on the 1993 release of In Utero, which was the last album Cobain worked on before his death in 1994. On this recording, Grohl not only provides the lead vocals—but also plays guitar. 

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Krist Novoselic plays bass like usual, and Cobain provides backing vocals. According to Consequence of Sound, the track was originally going to be on Grohl's solo album, Pocketwatch.

Another unique aspect of this recording is having Kera Schaley providing the cello track. Schaley was already featured on the In Utero album providing the cello track for “All Apologies.”

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Listen to the rare recording below!

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