[Photo by: Ricky Swift/WENN]

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington would have turned 42 today, and his widow Talinda Bennington is sharing the “5 signs of emotional health” as part of depression awareness campaign Change Direction in honor of the late performer's birthday. Make a pledge to know the emotional signs below.

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Talinda previously revealed she was working on a special project with the awareness group (called 320, to mark Chester's birthday) and on Tuesday tweeted, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my love @ChesterBe. From the day we met, you have changed me for the better. Today, I honor you. RIP BOO. Visit https://t.co/bZ2yDAq3y1 to make a pledge to know the 5 signs of emotional health.” See the tweet and info here:

Chester Bennington unexpectedly died last July after taking his own life. To learn more about Talinda's 320 campaign in honor of the late musician, and to make a donation to the health directive, visit www.changedirection.org.

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