Childish Gambino stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to perform “3005” and “Crawl,” two tracks from his brand new album, Because The Internet, which was released yesterday via Glassnote.

Because The Internet follows 2011's Camp.

Watch the rapper's Kimmel performance, which comes just one month after he debuted a new song on Arsenio, below.



In addition to the record, Gambino, who acts, performs standup, and works in production under his birth name, Donald Glover, has released a 73-page Because The Internet screenplay with multimedia elements, designed to sync with the album. Available to view online, the screenplay includes all of Because The Internet's embedded tracks, and features video clips for various scenes. Interestingly, a space for a “secret track” has also been allotted on page 41, which would, in all likelihood, mark the first song ever to be released via screenplay.

Clapping For The Wrong Reasons, the short film Glover released earlier this year, has also been revealed to be a tie-in. It is unclear when, or if, Because The Internet will become a feature film. But, with Glover's acting background, there is a strong likelihood that the project will arrive sooner or later.

Glover will return to NBC's Community next month, before exiting the show midseason. A new starring vehicle, Atlanta, is in development for FX. He is expected to tour as Gambino in 2014, though dates have yet to be announced.