Chucky, Child's Play
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The forthcoming reboot and remake of Child’s Play has intentions of straying away from the killer doll’s original character. According to CinemaBlend, the film’s version of Chucky will deviate greatly from the 1988 slasher flick.

About a week ago, the appearance of the doll divided fans’ emotions. However, it appears as though that won’t be only thing different about the new Chucky.

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Apparently, producer Seth Grahame-Smith told CinemaBlend at a recent press event that the new Chucky’s intentions are driven by something entirely different.

Additionally, Grahame-Smith says the rating of the film has given the team liberty to explore different avenues. That said, the new film says they are going to delve more into the gory aspects of the story. 

“We sort of lean into more of the AI/Kaslan story and hint at a Chucky that is driven by something different than he is in the original series, when he’s Charles Lee Ray and he’s just a truly psychopathic killer in the body of a doll,” Grahame Smith says. “[Also, there is] the mother/son story, the emotional component of the movie, which I feel like the movie really delivers. And then above all that, just the intensity, the gore, the fact that the movie is rated R, that it really does go there when it goes there. I think the movie looks big, is much bigger than a lot of movies that are our size – very affordable movie, we are. But we had big ambitions. Those are, I’d say, the primary things we’re going for.”

More on the Child’s Play remake

Recently, the film unveiled their first full trailer. The trailer features the toy wreaking bloody havoc on the Barclay family’s acquaintances. After moving to a new town, child Andy Barclay, played by Gabriel Bateman, chooses to seek friendship in a high-tech doll. However, things could not go further from awry. You can watch that below.

It producers David Katzenberg and Grahame-Smith are producing the movie. Additionally, Lars Klevberg is directing the film and Tyler Burton Smith is writing the script.

Aubrey Plaza (Parks And Recreation) and Gabriel Bateman (Lights Out) portray mother and son Karen and Andy Barclay respectively. Karen gives Andy a toy doll for his birthday and is unaware of its sinister nature.

To build even more suspense, the franchise launched of a cartoon-centric creepy toy website and blood-soaked holiday e-cards and wallpapers. There’s been tons of buzz about the film, especially after the creator of the original film was upset about the reboot in general.

Child’s Play comes to theaters June 21.

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