Chucky, Child's Play
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The forthcoming remake of the highly anticipated film Child’s Play recently released a pop-up version of the movie’s trailer via Rotten Tomatoes. In this exclusive breakdown, director Lars Klevberg reveals some crazy and fun behind-the-scenes facts about Child’s Play ranging from the film’s connections to E.T. to how Mark Hamill prepared for his role as Chucky.

Check out some of these crazy facts below!

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The pop-up version of the trailer appeared via Rotten Tomatoes on April 18. During the video, Klevberg reveals that Chucky is mostly made using animatronics, much like his classic counterparts.

With CGI taking over majority of film’s special effects, some horror fans were concerned that Chucky would turn into another CGI victim.

According to Klevberg, that’s certainly not the case.

“I will say almost 80 percent of Chucky in this movie is done with animatronics,” he reveals in the pop-up trailer.

The trailer also shares how Hamill prepared for his role in the film. Hamill was recently announced as the voice actor for the creepy doll, and to make sure he was ready to fulfill the role, he binge-watched every movie in the film’s series back to back.

Perhaps one of the more bizarre (and hilarious) facts the teaser divulges is how Klevberg pitched the remake idea to studio producers.

“When I pitched the movie for the studio and the producers, I told them it’s E.T. on acid, and they accepted that,” Klevberg says.

That’s one way to put it.

Check out the pop-up teaser version of the Child’s Play trailer below.

Child’s Play comes to theaters June 21.

Are you excited for the new Child’s Play?  What fact did you find most surprising? Sound off in the comments below!

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