Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina new trailer
[Photo by: Netflix]

It’s been less than a month since The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina hit Netflix. However, we’re sure at this point you’ve already binged away all 10 episodes of Season 1 and are itching for more. Well, you’re in luck.

While a Season 2 is already confirmed for a to be announced date, Netflix will also be delivering a holiday special. Titled Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale, a press release describes it as follows:

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“The Church of Night, like all covens, celebrates the Winter Solstice—the longest night of the year—when families gather around the Yule Fire to sing pagan carols and tell ghost stories. But the holidays are also a time for guests and visitors—both welcome and unwelcome — you never know what might come down the chimney…”

Netflix hasn’t released a trailer yet, but showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared a cute holiday card with all of our favorites on Twitter.

The show’s official account also shared a holiday-centric image of Salem with plenty of puns. From “feline the holiday cheer” to “may your days be meowy and bright,” they’re going all in.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale hits the streaming service Dec. 14.

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Sabrina has been making headlines over the past few weeks thanks to the statue on display in the Academy Of Unseen Arts.

The Satanic Temple threatened legal action in late October, claiming the show uses a copyrighted design of their Baphomet figure.

On Monday, Oct. 29, The Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesperson Lucien Greaves tweeted that the group was taking legal action against Netflix for “appropriating our copyrighted monument design to promote their asinine Satanic Panic fiction.”

Last week, the Satanic Temple officially filed suit for supposedly appropriating and stealing the design of their Baphomet statue. The Satanic Temple is suing Netflix for $50 million under copyright infringement.