Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina creepy teaser
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Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina just got weirder, and by “weirder,” we mean way weirder.

The latest teaser features the main character, played by Kiernan Shipka, eating roses and creepily making eye-contact with the camera in moody lighting. Backed by some serious “WTF” audio, the promo in question is enough to send shivers up your spine.

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According to Bloody Disgusting, the latest teaser for the show focuses around the main character’s love triangle between her high school boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch), and a newfound love interest, who happens to be a warlock (Gavin Leatherwood).

Check out the intensely creepy promo for the series below.

The latest season of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina hits Netflix on April 5. You can check out the official trailer for the season below.

More on Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina

Recently, Netflix released another teaser containing the episode titles for season two, and it looks like trouble is brewing.

Back in March, a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “Part 2” poster surfaced, featuring some of our favorite characters.

“double, double, boys and trouble,” the Facebook post reads. “CAOS returns April 5.”

We recently learned the show was renewed by Netflix for two more seasons, or parts. The series has been renewed for 16 more episodes, and the resulting episodes will air as Part 3 and Part 4.

We also got more information about some new characters heading to Greendale.

Sabrina will add two recurring guest stars on the upcoming series: Adam Masters (Alexis Denisof), Mary Wardwell’s boyfriend, and Dorian Gray (Jedidiah Goodacre).

Masters is “handsome and charming.” On the show, the character “returns to Greendale after a stint overseas working with Physicians Without Frontiers—unaware that his fiancé has been taken over by the demoness Madam Satan.”

The enigmatic Gray is the owner of a nightclub, Dorian’s Gray Room. His description says he’s “very good at keeping secrets, especially his own—a cursed portrait he hides from prying eyes.”

What do you make of the show’s latest teaser? Sound off in the comments below.

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