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‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ cast hilariously fails baking challenge

These cakes were absolutely hilarious.

May 19, 2019
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The cast of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina appeared on a mini episode of Nailed It! to make some truly terrifying cakes based on their co-stars.

In case you’ve never seen Nailed It!, it’s a Netflix show where amateur bakers compete to make elaborate cake.

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In this mini episode, the Sabrina cast members were the female stars of the show — Kiernan Shipka (Sabrina Spellman), Miranda Otto (Zelda Spellman) and Lucy Davis (Hilda Spellman).

The cast had to try to make three male cast members — Harvey Kinkle, Nicholas Scratch and Lucifer, which were referred to as “dreamy man cakes.”

Davis was caught sneaking her own boxed cake mix on set, which was frowned upon. However, it made sense because she revealed she had a fear of ovens, as she’s set hers on fire three times.

Shipka fell victim to adding a ton of butter to the potion for her cake. When a spooky black cat appeared on set, it really freaked out the star and distracted her from the baking at hand.

After all the challenges they faced, the three women put their best effort into the cakes. However, the outcomes were honestly hilarious. Shipka’s called her cake a “warlock Spongebob,” and had some issues with her man actually staying up on the cake.

Otto’s cake was interesting to say the least. She said it was a “hot mess,” which we can agree with.

Shipka wasn’t the only one with a fallen cake, as Davis’ collapsed right when she went to show it off to the judges. .

“It’s like feet,” Otto said about the taste of her creation.

Watch the entire episode below.

Congrats to Shipka for winning the big prize on the show.

More Chilling Adventures of Sabrina news

The Netflix show has been renewed for 16 more episodes, and the resulting episodes will air as Part 3 and Part 4.

In Part 2, people noticed a sneaky Riverdale cameo that only fuels speculation about a crossover between the shows.

It’s previously been reported that a crossover was supposed to happen, but never did. However, there has also been weird speculation that a crossover actually did happen, so the whole thing is pretty confusing. Not to mention the surprise to viewers watching part one of Sabrina when Riverdale’s Ben delivered a pizza in the series, leading to some pretty wild theories.

What do you think of the cast’s cake baking skills? Sound off in the comments below!

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Written by Alex Darus