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Chris Cornell's brother Peter is condemning conspiracy theories surrounding the Soundgarden frontman's death this past May. Read what the sibling of the late Audioslave singer and Temple Of The Dog founder has to say below.

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On Monday, Peter Cornell, the musician's older brother, posted a Facebook update regarding the Soundgarden singer's unexpected death at age 52, a death which was ultimately ruled a suicide. Thanking fans for their “kindness, empathy, love and support,” Peter made a special point of calling out conspiracy theorists attempting to paint Chris' death in a collusive light.

“It's unfortunate the social media platform that allows us to share each other's heartbreak and healing also becomes a forum for conspiracy theories and absurd conjecture that defy decency and continually attempt to blur the facts,” Peter says. “The entities that fuel these avenues of chaos are self-serving at best. When is enough enough? Hasn't the time come for my brother to be allowed to rest in peace? Haven’t the children endured more than a child ever, ever, ever should?”

As noted by Loudwire, certain conspiracy theories about Chris Cornell's death have cropped up in recent months, including outlandish internet claims that the musician was “murdered, rather than the official coroner’s ruling of suicide.”

Peter Cornell ends his statement with a farewell to Chester Bennington, the Linkin Park vocalist who also tragically died by suicide after Cornell's passing. “Goodnight Chester, goodnight brother,” he says.

Read the entirety of Peter Cornell's post here:

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