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Christofer Drew has a new psychedelic project on the way called Dryymy

New music from the project will be released "soon."

August 20, 2020
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It looks like Christofer Drew is planning to release even more new music this year.

On Thursday, the Never Shout Never frontman took to social media to announce his new psychedelic project Dryymy.

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Back in June, Drew released Unborn Spark, a collection of seven original songs, through his record company KYMICA Records. Prior to the album’s release, Drew shared that he has written a lot of material in the past few years.

“I’ve been writing so many songs,” he said. “I have well over 100 songs written, I’ve just been kind of waiting to find the right time to release stuff [and] find the right way to do it.”

In the announcement video for Unborn Spark, Drew also revealed that the release is just one of “several” projects he has in store.

“It’s [Unborn Spark] gonna be the first project of several to come for launching my solo career,” he said.

Now, it looks like Drew is teasing another one of these projects. On Thursday, he announced that he has started a new psychedelic project called Dryymy. Although he doesn’t reveal much, he assures fans that a new single and record through the project are on the way.

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“I’m gunna be dropping a single and record for my psychedelic project Dryymy soon,” he says.

Drew has been hard at work on new music over the past few months. On Aug. 2, he revealed that Never Shout Never are currently working on demos for their next release.

“I’ve been working on some demos for the next NSN record,” Drew tweets. “Gunna post one on SoundCloud today! Much love.”

Then, as promised, Drew released the new Never Shout Never demo “Golden Rule.” This upcoming release will follow up Never Shout Never’s 2015 album Black Cat.

“New Never Shout Never demo is up…sending love y’all.”

On Aug. 5, Drew offered more insight into the material he has been working on. He shared an acoustic performance of a new song that might be included in Never Shout Never, Dryymy or a different project’s future release.

Drew is known for simultaneously working on various music projects. Outside of his solo music and Never Shout Never, Drew was also part of the project EATMEWHILEIMHOT!, proving that he really can sing anything and everything.

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Written by Rachael Dowd