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It’s no secret that there’s already a lot of talk surrounding the forthcoming reboot of the Child’s Play franchise (we mean, how can there not be, especially after it has angered the series creator.)

Despite his displeasure of the franchise’s reboot, the behind-the-scenes crew have already unveiled the first poster for the 2019 film, a super creepy Chucky-inspired website, and blood-soaked e-cards and wallpapers.

While there’s this well of information about the film coming out, one thing is unclear: what is this new and improved Chucky doll going to look like?

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Unfortunately, there’s nothing on the internet that’s showing what to expect from the doll, but that doesn’t mean some details haven’t emerged from the depths of the internet.

According to a press release that was sent to Bloody-Disgusting, MastersFX, the studio that is responsible for bringing this new killer doll to life, has explained what their approach to Chucky’s iconic look has been.

As the release notes, trying to reimagine any beloved horror icon would be difficult for anyone, but with this new and unique vision that the Lars Klevberg-directed film has going for it, recreating the classic character hasn’t been as difficult as one would imagine.

In fact, it seems to be quite the opposite.

Per the report, the studio describes the doll as “a contemporary version of the iconic Good Guys doll” and with this new concept of the franchise, that “is not a remake or retelling but a completely new style and concept,” it has led them to “believe that BUDDI fits with this vision perfectly.”

So, we apparently won’t be seeing a new and improved Chucky after all, rather, a Buddi doll that represents all the new concepts for this forthcoming reboot.

Of the work that went into the doll, the release reads:

MastersFX has brought the new Chucky doll to life on screen like never before in a mixture of practical on-set puppet work and digital FX enhancements. Todd Masters, founder of MastersFX, and his team took six weeks to prepare and assemble seven practical animatronic puppets, each with interchangeable arms and heads that perform a variety of required actions on set. The FX team, led by ace puppeteer Keith Arbuthnot, along with Mike Fields, Jason Ward and Josh Raymond each controlled a different part of the doll.”

We’re pretty excited to see what exactly the studio produces, especially after hearing all the information swirling around the internet about the forthcoming horror release.

Back in July, it was revealed that a Child’s Play reboot was in the works, with IT producers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith set to produce the movie. Lars Klevberg is directing the horror film and Tyler Burton Smith will pen the script.

Aubrey Plaza (Parks And Recreation) and Gabriel Bateman (Lights Out) portray mother and son Karen and Andy Barclay respectively. And, as noted, it will follow the script pretty closely as Karen gives Andy a toy doll for his birthday, but is unaware of the doll’s sinister nature.

While we’re stoked that it will be keeping some similar traits, there will be one major thing missing. The voice of Chucky, Brad Dourif, who has voiced the killer doll in all seven films, will be lending his voice to the TV show instead of the reboot.

An official announcement of who is lending their voice to the killer doll has yet to be released, but we have a feeling that fans of the franchise might not be too happy with it. We mean, it’s like rebooting A Nightmare On Elm Street and casting someone else other than Robert Englund to play Freddy Krueger (and yes, we’re talking about that 2010 remake.)

According to Collider, there’s not a lot of information on movie yet, but there are some hints about the plot. It will be a contemporary reboot, which involves a group of kids and “a technologically-advanced doll that enters their world.”

Child’s Play is expected to slash its way into theaters on June 21, 2019, which just happens to be the same day Toy Story 4 drops. So you may want to be careful in case any more killer toys come to life.

You can take a look at the new poster of the film below:

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