[Photo by: NancysJars]

Etsy shop NancysJars, also known as Hayley Summers, has gone viral for her amazing horror-themed creations.

From Halloween to It, check out some of our spookiest favorites below!

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Summers makes table lamps out of VHS tapes and customizes them with your favorite retro horror movie! Her creations would make the perfect spooky bedside night light for any horror lover. 

Check out some of our favorite lamps below! 

Summers can even customize lamps with your favorite non-spooky image, like your fav Netflix show, for our less spooky friends. 

Unfortunatly, due to an insane amount of orders, Summers has had to stop accepting orders for a little while to catch up. Remeber, these are handmade goods! A note on her Etsy shop says that she's hoping her shop will be back online in a week or so, and you can sign up to be emailed as soon as she's back here. We definitely think these lamps will be worth the wait! 

Which horror movie VHS would you want staring at you from the bedside table? Sound off in the comments below! 

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