Coachella, Amazon Lockers
[Photo via Coachella]

In a weird way, Coachella patrons can now truly call the festival grounds their home. This year, the festival is introducing Amazon Lockers. The new improvement allows attendees to have items ordered from Amazon shipped directly to them at Coachella.

The convenient idea comes from many people forgetting important items at home, such as sunscreen, comfortable shoes or a phone charger.

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Amazon Lockers can be used to ship items to the grounds in advance. Additionally, patrons can opt for same-day shipping to receive items quickly and efficiently in a pinch.

“We want customers to make the most out of their weekend at Coachella,” Amazon Worldwide Director of Lockers and Pickup Patrick Supanc says. “Bringing the convenience of Amazon Lockers to Coachella will help customers focus on their experience instead of worrying about forgetting something at home or having to carry it in with them.”

According to Amazon’s website, Amazon Lockers are relatively easy to use. Festival users can simply order through Amazon’s curated storefront for Coachella.

After the package has arrived, users will receive an email with an address for pickup and a special code. Then, buyers can use the code to pick up their items. Additionally, users will have to follow a set of instructions when they arrive at their respective Amazon Locker.

Amazon Lockers will come at no extra cost and be available for anyone holding a ticket. The lockers will be available both weekends, April 12-14 and April 19-21.

This year, Coachella will invite Weezer, the 1975 and Billie Eilish to join them for two weekends full of live music. Additionally, headliners of this year’s festival include Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and Ariana Grande.

While Kanye West won’t be in attendance at this year’s festival following a comical disagreement over his stage set up, you can check out the remaining Coachella lineup here.

What do you think of the new Amazon Lockers? What do you do to prepare for a music festival? Sound off in the comments below.

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