[Photo by: Hans Christian Terslin]

Code Orange have unleashed their new song “Only One Way,” the first new music since the band's 2017 album, Forever.

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“We wanted to write a song that felt like something structurally sound and melodic, being chewed up and spit out by a machine; our machine,” the band share. “We plan to release material on a more regular basis in an attempt to break down rock and metal’s formulaic pattern of long breaks between outputs. This means we must work twice as hard, so we will. The hurt will go on. The end will never come…”

And that's what we like to hear.

The track made its debut via Adult Swim's Singles Series, and you can listen to “Only One Way” below:

Code Orange will be embarking on a U.K. tour starting in April, and you can check out the full list of cities and dates here.