Pittsburgh’s very own Code Orange took the metal and hardcore world by storm after their critically acclaimed release I Am King back in 2014. Now—on Halloween of 2016—they have thrust themselves back into discussion with an announcement of their new full-length, Forever, which will be released Jan. 13. Pre-orders are already available here, including a limited edition red vinyl and shirt package.

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The extremely heavy and inventive sound that Code Orange have developed is, to say the least, definitive of their determination to not back down, or take no for an answer. Continuing to grow and expand their sound, Code Orange have debuted a new song and video over at Rolling Stone for their first single “Forever,” which sees the title track taking you into another realm all together. The video that accompanies it is quite unnerving as well. Have a watch below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

When discussing how they wanted to change up their approach for their third LP, drummer/vocalist Jami Morgan put it very bluntly. “When you feel settled in, I want it to just fuck you again,” Morgan told Rolling Stone. “We tried to do it in a more strategic way than when we'd done it in the past. There's a part in one song where it cuts in kind of like a nightmare, almost like a mental breakdown.”

The single and album will be the first content that the band will be releasing through Roadrunner Records, and will take another large leap from where the band stood after the release of their last record—One which Pitchfork called “…the most forward-thinking post-hardcore record of 2014.”

Now the band is looking to blindside expectations. “The last record [2014's I Am King], was 'We were gonna get our feet at the table,'” Morgan says. “Now we've got them there – we're going to flip that shit over.”

When discussing the challenges of becoming relevant in the hardcore scene and facing adversity as young band, Morgan went on to tell Rolling Stone that they don’t give a damn who believes in them.

“Everywhere we've turned, we've met a lot of 'You're not this enough for this, or that enough for that,'” Morgan stated on the band’s isolation from the scene. “'Forever' opens it up by saying, 'Fuck you, we're here. We're gonna do whatever the fuck we wanna do, and there are no rules.'”

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Forever has been in the making since last winter, recorded and produced by Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA and Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studios in Salem, MA over the summer. With a new approach to their wide-ranging terror, Code Orange are even using more industrial technologies to give themselves a more earsplitting and grinding aesthetic on Forever.

However, releasing a new record is always an arduous process for the band members themselves. Though the band hasn’t shied away from stating that the process hasn’t been easy, they still know exactly what emotions they want to evoke.

“It's not a flow-y process—it's pretty painful,” Morgan told Rolling Stone. “Grinding, screaming at each other, and just making it happen. We've been friends for so long. Jamming doesn't work for what we're trying to accomplish. It's just pain, whether it's, like, truly physical, or a little more bizarre. There's a lot of bands about fun, especially in hardcore. Our band is not about fun. It's never fun, but it's rewarding.”

Check out the new video for “Forever,” and view the entire track listing and album artwork below. Grab a pre-order of the album digitally on iTunes, and stream the single now on Spotify. Let us know how pumped you are about the upcoming release from Code Orange!

Track listing — Forever

01. Forever

02. Kill The Creator

03. Real

04. Bleeding In The Blur

05. The Mud

06. The New Reality

07. Spy

08. Ugly

09. No One Is Untouchable

10. Hurt Goes On

11. dream2