Color Film (Daryl Palumbo and Richard Penzone) announce debut album, release new song

April 11, 2017
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Color Film, the New York-based art pop duo featuring Daryl Palumbo (Glassjaw, Head Automatica) and Richard Penzone (Men, Women and Children), have signed to Epitaph Records and have announced their debut album, Living Arrangements, will be hitting stores June 16th.

Check out all the details surrounding the new album along with checking out their new song, “52 Minds,” below!

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Palumbo explained how Color Film was formed in 2012 when the duo “started playing around and we came up with a million weird ideas that both of us had and instantly started working on music that we wanted to record,” Palumbo said. “The two of us probably share more interests than anyone else I've ever met in my life and there are all these wild, arty records that we both love so it only made sense for us to sit down and try to channel that into something new.”

Since then, the band have released great music including their EP, Until You Turn Blue. However, it appears that this new album is going to be different than music they've released in the past.

“There's the pop thing, a lot of synthesizer sounds, sampled instruments and smooth bass and I feel so lucky that we're in a place where we can write this type of music,” Palumbo continues. “The two of us will listen to some of these songs we wrote and get introspective and I'll admit it, it feels awesome.”

Listen to the debut single “52 Minds” below!

If you're as addicted to that new track as we are, you can preorder the new album here.

Check out the track listing below!

Track Listing:

1. We'd Kill Each Other – 1:31
2. Small Town – 3:31
3. Crawling in Circles – 5:00
4. Restless Summer – 3:46
5. I Need A Parasite – 2:54
6. Ambush Bug – 1:52
7. Bass In 7- 3:25
8. 52 Minds – 3:44
9. Even If It Did Exist – 4:09
10. Springtime Of Our Love – 4:11
11. Bad Saint – 3:40
12. Day After Day – 5:09

Written by Jordan Toney