Competitive tag might be your new favorite sport

August 4, 2017
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[Photo credit: Dani Devaux/Facebook]

Many of us recall the game of tag from the childhood playground or schoolyard: Hanging out with a bunch of other pepped-up kids, running around like headless chickens, chasing our friends and screaming, “Tag! You're It!”

But did you know that competitive tag (ahem, for adults) actually exists?

Well, it does, and it's wild.

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The World Chase Tag league posits the game as a high-intensity sport, with the organization holding tag competitions on indoor obstacle courses. Each round lasts 20 seconds while one team member chases the opposing player.

Sound intense enough for you? The game basically looks like a totally extreme, competitive version of one-on-one parkour (or “freewalking”). Just take a look at Business Insider's video of a professional tag tournament right here:

Deadspin also highlighted the up-and-coming sport earlier this month, saying that the competitive tag tournaments look “fun as hell.”

Interested in learning how to play competitive tag? You can read World Chase Tag's official rules and regulations guide here.

Below, watch some footage of tag players doing their fancy footwork at the recent WCT2: The London Chase-Off 2017 competition:

What do you think of competitive tag? Do you wanna play a round?

Let us know in the comments!

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