Vans lovers cover your eyes. It turns out, Converse are the preferred shoes across the United States.

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A study done by the popular fashion site Polyvore, and reported by Refinery29, shows that Converse shoes were the most-searched sneakers across all the 50 states—including D.C. and Puerto Rico.

This is the first time Polyvore has seen a single shoe company dominate the top spot in every state. “I can't remember the last time one brand dominated the country this way,” Amy Wicks, senior fashion editor at Polyvore, told Refinery29. “It's pretty impressive.”

Vans came in at the second spot with 48 states—including D.C. and Puerto Rico—and the third spot differed but Jordans and Adidas were wildly searched.

If you want to see your state's top 3 shoes click here.

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