Corey Taylor

Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor's upcoming book, America 51, apparently devotes a third of its pages to a critical analysis of President Donald Trump, according to a new interview with the singer over at Rolling Stone.

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“What I wrote is fucking brutal,” Taylor says of his literary Trump takedown. “There's a reason that the new Stone Sour album doesn't have any political shit on it: It all went in the book,” he reveals of his band's new recordHydrograd.

America 51—subtitled, A Probe Into The Realities That Are Hiding Inside The Greatest Country In The World—is set for release this August by Da Capo Press. It's the Stone Sour and Slipknot vocalist's fourth published work.

As opposed to the personal revelations of his previous books, however, Taylor is taking on the government with his new volume.

“It is embarrassing that he is the 'leader of the free world,'” Corey tells RS of Trump. “I will never give him the qualification for that shit. He can't go away fast enough. And I think people are really starting to see that.”

Taylor says his anger about Trump so permeates the content of America 51 that the current president and former reality TV personality's name appears in nearly every chapter of the book. “He's peppered in all the time,” says Corey.

“I go off on fucking tangents,” the musician continues. “A lot of it has to do with the culture divide. We're on so many different pages socially, we've given to extremes. Why can't we come to the center … and be able to talk?”

Corey describes himself as “socially liberal and yet fiscally conservative,” adding that he's keen to see both sides of the political spectrum. Regardless, Taylor is seemingly not thrilled with Trump's presidency. “Would you just fucking get impeached already?” he rhetorically asks of America's 45th president.

Taylor's other published books are You're Making Me Hate You, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven and Seven Deadly Sins. He says he hopes that his new tome, America 51, will inspire meaningful conversation among readers rather than “whipping frenzies up” among opposing parties.

“If we all were talking to each other instead of listening to that bullshit in the first place,” he says of the political melee that dominates the news, “we would be able to take the power away from them and put it back where it belongs.”

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