Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour has written a book, America 51, about what he thinks is dividing the country.

See what he has to say below.

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Corey Taylor's recently published America 51 is all about today's American culture and what he sees as problems in society. He approaches topics such as artificial intelligence, dating apps, phone addiction, hip-hop, Spotify, environmentalism, appropriation of “metal culture,” and fear of Donald Trump. Taylor recently wrote a piece for The Guardian broaching some of the topics he covers in his book, and we're here to break down what he said. 

Taylor talks a lot about politics, and says “I don’t think the country has been this divided since the 1960s.” He mentions celebrities running for political offices with disdain (looking at you, Kid Rock), and chides people for overreacting and “hitting the panic button too quickly” when it comes to President Donald Trump, who he calls “ineffectual.” Taylor also talks about toxic masculinity and LGBT culture, saying that “There’s liberal fascism in response to the conservative fascism, and it’s keeping good people in the middle scratching their heads and thinking: I don’t know what to believe.”

Politics aside, Taylor's also got a few bones to pick with popular culture in general. Among the things that piss Corey Taylor off are cell phones, dating apps, and music streaming. Everyone knows that Corey Taylor is not the biggest fan of cell phones at his shows, (remember the time he smacked a phone out of a fan's hands?) but he's also coming for internet dating now, which he thinks is “gross,” and streaming services, which he thinks have turned the music industry into “the wild west.”

Speaking of music, Taylor says that all modern hip-hop is “all the same mush-mouthed bullshit, and it doesn’t say anything except 'I want to get fucked and drink champagne.' It’s pathetic.” He also laments the appropriation of “metal culture” that we've seen recently with Justin Beiber, Kylie Jenner, and Taylor Swift

Taylor also says that people should stop worrying about environmentalism, quoting George Carlin by saying “the planet is fine, the people are fucked!”

If you were keeping track, pretty much everything about popular millennial culture pisses Corey Taylor off. While everyone who is friends with their Grandma on Facebook already knows that older folks think millennials are ruining America, we now have Corey Taylor to tell us. 

Jokes aside, you can pick up America 51 and form your own opinions. 

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