Corey Taylor reveals which Slipknot mask is his favorite

June 1, 2017
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Slipknot’s masks have evolved throughout the years, and the House Of Masks caught up with frontman Corey Taylor to talk more about his collections—and, of course, they talk more about his collections of masks.”

“Honestly, the All Hope Is Gone mask was my favorite,” Taylor explains. “It was so easy for me to tap into that character, tap into that weirdness. Because you couldn’t see my eyes, it really took all the humanity out of it.”

Listen to the interview in full below!

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Taylor talks more about his history of collecting everything from movies to action figures, and for him, it's all about searching for the best of what he can find—as he explains, quality and quantity are equal in his mind.

“I love the hunt,” Taylor explains. “Even before we were signed, I would take half my check, pay my bills, then go out looking for action figures. I’d dig through mom and pop shops two hours off the beaten, just all these old school comic shops and rip them to shreds.”

And when he talks more about his collection of masks, Taylor reveals that his favorite is his All Hope Is Gone mask, which he hopes to base his masks off of looking forward.

“All of them had their moments where I really dug it, but that mask for me just felt right. So I think the next one I do I’m going to base off that same kind of idea,” Taylor explains. 

“I'm always looking. I thought I had it with this last one, but it didn't come near… It looked great, but it's also gotta function, and I had a lot of problems with it right out of the gate. Whereas the All Hope Is Gone mask, I put it on and that was it—it was just fucking on from that moment. It just felt right. So yeah, I think I'm gonna try to get back to that vibe.”

Listen to the interview in full below:

After announcing in an interview that they would be returning to the studio in February, Slipknot’s Shawn “Clown” Crahan has confirmed that the band is working on a new record.

“We're writing as a band, and with Corey [Taylor] as well… We're off, and we're off for a while,” Crahan says. “We've been touring for three years. Corey's doing what he does, which is Stone Sour, which is awesome. And he's living that life, which is awesome, because he does really well and loves it. It's him. It's his art. So he does that.

“And we're writing. We're beginning to write some music for Slipknot for the new record.”

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Written by Maggie Dickman