Corey Taylor says America’s leaders lack empathy

February 1, 2018
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[Photos by: Travis Shinn, Pexels]

Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor recently spoke about his latest book America 51 in an interview with Loudwire, highlighting the tome's stated outlook that America is lacking in empathy—watch the video below.

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In America 51, subtitled A Probe Into The Realities That Are Hiding Inside “The Greatest Country In The World” and published last August by Da Capo Press, Taylor proclaims his personal views on a multitude of cultural and political topics, including his feelings on the apparent scarcity of common ground among Americans and their representatives.

Speaking to Loudwire, the musician elaborates the point: “When you can’t put yourself in somebody else's shoes, how are we supposed to relate to each other, let alone talk to each other?” he rhetorically implores of citizens on the whole, before adding, “That is the very basis of our government. The way we run our government is by compromise.”

Focusing in on the issues, the veteran singer and author dredges up the current state of American government, discussing the seemingly divisive situation in the nation's capital that only appears to be further fracturing.

“You have a Republican majority in the House, in Congress, not to mention you have a Republican president and a fairly tipped, stacked deck with the Supreme Court, and yet nothing is getting done. [Trump] can’t even fill his cabinet… All of the government positions that need to be filled. It's uncanny; I've never seen this happen and I've lived through some shit.”

Following President Trump's protracted State of the Union Address on Tuesday, which Paste called a “boring, racist dinner party,” Taylor drives the theme home that U.S. leaders can't expressly identify with their everyday constituents.

“You have to have empathy,” he says. “A lot of people who hold an office now, they don’t empathize with the people they represent. They couldn't even switch places with them for a day. Do you think Mike Pence could dig ditches for a day?

“Not even close.”

Watch Taylor's emphatic interview right here:

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