Coronavirus zombies
[Photo via JoBlo Horror Trailers/YouTube]

While it was obviously going to happen at some point, no one could have expected a horror movie about the coronavirus could have came out already but the impossible has happened.

According to The GuardianCorona Zombies arrived last Friday (April 10) and they point out that it’s as awful as you would expect.

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From a snippet of their review of the film, it sounds as bad as you would expect for a movie made so quickly. The film, which sits at just an hour in length, “barely qualifies as a film” according to their review.

“Turned around in 28 days with every member of the cast and crew under self-isolation, Corona Zombies is actually the result of a deft sleight of hand. It only has one actor – Cody Renee Cameron, last seen playing a prostitute in Vince Gilligan’s El Camino – with the rest stitched together from Donald Trump soundbites, that viral clip of the spring break idiots. Primarily, though, the film is made up of redubbed footage from two old zombie B-movies, Hell of the Living Dead and Zombies vs Strippers. Corona Zombies is, in effect, the What’s Up, Tiger Lily? of the lockdown age.”

Here’s the plot description from the trailer the filmmakers posted on YouTube. The only way to watch the full film is to subscribe to the Full Moon Features streaming service which also has other fantastic films as Evilbong 666 and Swedish Boarding School Girls.

“A government asleep at the wheel! The wealthy shrugging it off! A global toilet paper famine! And a virus that causes its victims to get up and kill! The people they kill…get up and kill!”

You can check out the trailer below.

What do you think of someone making a horrible coronavirus horror movie this quickly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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