We don’t often wish to go meet Santa, but if we were to go give the jolly man a visit, this is how we’d do it. Cosplayer Elissa Kazooichi made the best The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired costumes to wear to meet Santa, and we are blown away by the way they turned out.

Check out the photos below!

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They dressed up as the film’s Lock, Shock and Barrel, the trick-or-treating trio that are tasked by Jack Skellington to persuade Father Christmas to step aside for one year.

The cosplayers not only had expert costumes, though. They even had the exact Halloween-themed bag used to trap Santa Claus in the film. Kazooichi and her friends surprised their local mall with the impressive costumes and got an incredible photo with Santa in-character, of course.

In one post, Kazooichi said the costumes were “not complex at all” and took three to five hours to make all three. We're blown away by the final product—and Santa's response to it all. Check out the photos below, and leave your thoughts on the amazing costumes in the comments!

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