Canadian hardcore band Counterparts have unleashed a new video for their song, “Collapse.” This is one song featured on their new album, Tragedy Will Find Us, that's due out next month on Pure Noise Records. 

Frontman Brendan Murphy explains the track to Metal Hammer“The song is a metaphor for falling out of love with someone, about how all the beauty is stripped away and you're left (at least in some cases) hating the person you more or less shared a life with. After a relationship deteriorates, you look back on the time you spent together. You can either go over everything with a fine-tooth comb and try and pinpoint how or why it fell apart, or you can be content with the fact that it happened and grow.”

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Murphy also states of the album title to Metal Hammer: “The story being the title is that no matter who you are or what precautions you take, 'tragedy' will find all of us. Whether that means something as life-altering as the loss of a loved one, or even something simple as not landing a promotion you've been working hard for. The idea behind this is to not allow that 'tragedy' define you as a person, and not let yourself succumb to your hardships. It's how you use all the negative aspects of your life to further your growth as a human being that defines you.”

“You can expect a Counterparts record. Brutally honest/emotive metalcore/hardcore/whatever the hell you want to call us. The lyrical content might be a bit darker than previous releases, but that's because I was in a much darker place when writing this time around. Like all of our records, they represent the exact timeframe in which they were recorded. I think Tragedy Will Find Us does a great job at capturing not only the current state of the band, but also my mental state as a human being. This record is a progression in both the band's musicianship and my own personal well-being,” says Murphy to Metal Hammer in an interview. 

Check out the video below and if you're interested, pre-orders are on sale now.