Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love

Courtney Love has shared an experience involving the late Kurt Cobain that seriously gives us the chills.

Love shared the story in an interview for Interview Magazine. Notable people asked her several questions, and actor Joshua Boone asked if she had seen a ghost.

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The Hole musician told the story about when she moved into a new home with her ex boyfriend, and the Nirvana frontman visited her.

“When I moved to Hancock Park with Frances and Edward, I saw Kurt in a chart for a moment,” she said. “He said hi to me and then he left.”

Seriously spooky.

Elsewhere, Kate Moss asked her what was her favorite gig she’s attended. Love then told another story involving Cobain.

There was a super-transcendent Whiskey a Go Go gig in, I think, ’91. It was winter and Nevermind by Nirvana had just come out. “[Smells Like] Teen Spirit” was on K-Rock like 50 times a week,” she began.

“It was a big deal, and nobody yet knew what it was going to become. My future husband Kurt came in. He was wearing this beautiful cowboy leather coat, and he just parted the crowd like Moses. I was onstage, with the original old-school Hole. We were messy, but when we went into the Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes”—I think we practiced it once or twice—we did it flawlessly. It was amazing. We were this perfect band for about four minutes, and that’s it. That’s the gig: 1991 in Hollywood with my beautiful, creamy-blue-eyed boy Kurt. We rocked that whorehouse sky-high.”

Love also talked about what she does on her girls night, which is apparently make fun of The Dirt.

“We watched the dumbest Netflix film ever called ‘The Dirt’. It’s so stupid and vile about women, and just fucking dumb. It was super fun to groan together,” says Love. “I was like, ‘When’s Ozzy gonna snort the ant?’ Then, within seconds, he snorted the ant. Then the Nikki Sixx character was like, ‘I have a new girlfriend. She’s sweet. She’s wonderful.’ I was like, ‘And her name is heroin.’ Two seconds later: ‘Her name is heroin.’”

Lee responded, and was not happy with her statements.

Marilyn Manson, Debbie Harry, Karen O and many more also asked Love various questions. 

Other news

A designer clothing band is under fire from Courtney Love after using a Kurt Cobain inspired design for their upcoming collection.

The brand, Vetements, shared a photo on Instagram of a shirt made famous by the Nirvana frontman in a 1992 Rolling Stone photo shoot.

The original shirt read “Corporate magazines still suck,” with Vetements adding “a lot” with nearly identical design and font.

Love was quick to comment on the post, not holding back with her opinion of the homage.

“You guys WHAT the FUCK? I hate being put in this position. You should know better!” the comment reads.


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Many fans echoed the widow’s sentiment with their own comments, questioning whether Cobain would approve of the design’s use or not.

This isn’t the first fashion company that has caused problems with Nirvana. Designer Marc Jacobs was sued by the band last December for using the band’s iconic smiley face design.

Jacobs was sued for copyright infringement, stating that he allegedly used the band’s “Happy Face” logo without permission.

Lawyers for Marc Jacobs eventually responded, arguing that Nirvana, L.L.C. is not the legitimate owner of the “Happy Face” logo copyright registration, and that the registration is invalid.

They’re requesting the entire lawsuit be dismissed because “there is no extrinsic similarity” between Jacobs’ collection and the Nirvana copyrighted art.

The band’s original copyright for the logo is referred to as  “the ’166 Registration,” a registration that Jacobs’ attorneys argue is not what they’ve reproduced.

“The ’166 Registration includes the word “Nirvana.” The Accused Products do not. The ’166 Registration includes the Flower Sniffin Writing. The Accused Products do not. The ‘166 Registration includes a smiley face with Xs as eyes. The Accused Products do not; they use a different letter for each eye, the letters M and J, signifying Marc Jacobs.

The only similarity between what is covered by the ’166 Registration and the artwork contained on the Accused Products that can be gleaned from the Complaint is the use of a substantially circular outline for the smiley face and a squiggly line used for a mouth, with a tongue sticking out.”

What do you think of Courtney Love seeing Cobain’s ghost? Sound off in the comments below!

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