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Death is inevitable, so why wouldn’t we want to go out with some style?

A new report from Garage suggests that death may be something we’ll all be facing, but that doesn’t mean we can’t leave this earth in a coffin that leaves an impression on those who knew us best one last time.

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According to the report from Garage, there are a few companies that are creating custom coffins and you’ll want to put your order in as soon as possible (but we’ll hope you won’t be using it for a very long time.)

Included in the report is a UK-based company Crazy Coffins, and when we say these coffins are something else, we mean it.

The coffins from the company and built to order and are made prior to someone’s passing. They’ve got a whole bunch of designs to choose from, but we still can’t get over the skateboard, guitar or the Doctor Who-inspired one.

These coffins might cost you a bit more than your average coffin, but that’s probably okay…we mean, you are getting a coffin shaped like a skateboard. Since it’s a made to order casket, they usually run in the price family of £5,000 (which is about $6,400).

Check out some of “Crazy Coffins” work below:

[Photo by: Crazy Coffins]
[Photo by: Crazy Coffins]
[Photo by: Crazy Coffins]

If you’d like something a little more on the tamed (but not really) side, coffin designer Trey Ganem also designs custom coffins for people.

Ganem has gone on to build custom caskets from his shop Trey Ganem Designs, which was the first store in the US to offer its customers custom coffins featuring various artwork.

Whether that be a sports-related coffin, Star Wars and even a mounted drum set on a coffin, he’s been able to make coffins that best fit his client’s biggest passions in life and transfer them to death.

As the site reports, Ganem’s custom caskets start around $3,500 and the prices go up depending on how detailed you want the design to be.


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