A few days before Cute Is What We Aim For’s 10-year tour for their debut album, The Same Old Blood Rush With A New Touch, frontman Shaant Hacikyan came under fire for remarks made regarding the Stanford rape case regarding Brock Turner.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Hacikyan stated his views on the case. “Here’s a post that will inevitably bring me bullshit bc asking honest questions brings a dramatic bag these days.

For everyone posting about Brock Turner being a rapist, how exactly do you think you’re helping the victim/cause? It may feel good at the time, but think about the true impact of your words or shares… Are you making a post that positively impacts the victim or are you merely making sure the world knows that you are a good person? I have yet to see a post that is dedicated to providing relief to the female involved…”

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However, the comment thread showed a different side of the conversation, where Hacikyan says he believes “Rape culture isn’t a thing”:

“Rape culture isn’t a thing. For real. Playing the victim seems to fit the narrative. In my 29 years I’ve yet to encounter a human who is looking to rape someone. Everyone loves sex but I have never met a dude who is going out into the world to commit rape. There may be horrible humans out there who are predators but to say there is a culture of rape is short sighted & aggressive. Look into the actual statistics & get back to me.”

He has since apologized, saying: “I'm sorry, I was wrong. I regret my words. I am steadfast in my appreciation to have so many people who know more than I on this topic to take the time to educate me and broaden my perspective. Truly sorry and truly thankful.”

Below you can see screenshots of Hacikyan’s original Facebook post, as well as an embed of his apology. He has not responded to AP's request for comment.