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Chris Hansen continued his investigation into Blood On The Dance Floor leader Dahvie Vanity‘s sexual assault allegations last night (May 26) with Kristin Gonzales and Bryce Hall.

The To Catch A Predator host has currently spoken with Jeffree Star, Ash Costello and Nikki Misery of New Year’s Day, Megan Hood, Elizabeth Faaborg and Huffington Post reporter Jesselyn Cook. All of which described their experiences with Dahvie Vanity. 

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Hansen begins his conversation with Hall. Hall is a videographer and content creator who spent a number of years on the road with Vanity. Hall describes meeting Vanity when he was 18 after applying to do video for the Blood On The Dance floor at Warped Tour. He says he “pretty much knew everything in the past that happened with him [Vanity]”. Hall admits he was initially nervous but wanted to get his foot in the door of the music industry and figured this was the way to do it. 

Hall describes his initial thoughts on Vanity saying, “he was a good dude […] he was always so nice. He went out of his way to be nice to people. He just had that instant charm about him.”

Hall goes on to say Vanity was smart and that’s how he was able to do the things he did. “He was very good at being a shitty person,” Hall says. He describes how Vanity would get close to the parents with his personality and offering free merch and that allowed him to get away with a lot more. 

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Hall says much of the band and crew were really separated; that no one liked being around Vanity for long periods of time because he was obnoxious. He says they saw stuff but never with underaged girls. It was always someone of age or someone’s mom.

He touches on rumors that his bodyguards definitely knew about things as well as those about Jayy Von Monroe. Again, Hall reiterates that people were really separated because no one wanted to be around Vanity. Jayy was only ever on the tour bus when he absolutely needed to be.

“It was pretty separated to be honest, Hall describes the relationship between Dahvie Vanity and Von Monroe.  “There was definitely a divide. I started hanging out with Jayy more on tour and if he didn’t need to be anywhere on the bus, he wasn’t. Even when they were at the house, Jayy was in his room all the time unless Dahvie needed him for something. It sucks to see people come out and say ‘well he must have saw something, he was there all the time.’”

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“Well, he really wasn’t. And it was kept at such a distance too where Jayy wasn’t present enough to see anything. They were two completely different people, they just happened to be in the same band. They would hang out together sometimes but it was really forced. There was barely a friendship there.”

The bodyguards were more like personal assistants and when Vanity gave them a chance to get away from him, they would jump at the opportunity. 

Hall goes on to describe how all of the victims’ stories make sense in hindsight; that all of the timelines add up. He recounts an experience he had on his first tour with Blood On The Dance Floor where Dahvie Vanity brought three of age people on the bus. Two were females and one was male.

Vanity said one was a hairdresser and was going to do his hair. He took her into the bathroom and shut the door because it was loud and a bit later all three left suddenly. At the time Hall didn’t think anything of it but he went online and the victim’s story said as soon as Vanity shut the door he slammed her against the wall. 

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Hall describes living in Vanity’s house in San Diego for 8-9 months in 2013. He says Vanity acted like a rockstar child all the time but he never saw anything with anyone underage. He alleges that Vanity took them to hotel rooms in the area of Los Angeles. Dahvie Vanity would allegedly threaten to send people home or not pay them if they didn’t do what he liked. 

Kristin Gonzales then joins.Gonzales initially told her story to Jesselyn Cook in her 2019 report. She says she met Vanity in 2006-07 through Myspace. At the time, Vanity was only known as the “Elite Hair God” and had yet to start Blood On The Dance Floor. Gonzales was around 13 when she started promoting shows around Orlando, FL and was seeking to gain contacts and relationships to further her career. She recounts being 16-17 and first meeting with Dahvie Vanity to have him do her hair.

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He picked her up and they went to his apartment. She remembers being confused as to why it was taking so long to get around to doing her hair but says she hung out with Vanity and someone else there. Eventually, Gonzales describes Vanity taking her into the front room to do her hair.

She says it started with Vanity grinding on her which made her uncomfortable. Suddenly, “it went from zero to a hundred so quick,” Gonzales begins. “With the shears still in his hand he just grabs my head. I didn’t even see him open his pants. It was the next thing I know my mouth is on his penis and he’s forcing me to give him oral sex.” She recalls feeling like she was in a daze and trying to pull away which allegedly made Vanity push harder. Gonzales then said that Vanity told her “I know you like this. This is almost done.” 

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Kristin Gonzales then says that she still paid Vanity and fled the apartment with her hair unfinished. 

“After he ejaculated into my mouth, I got up, I gave him money and I fled the apartment. I ran out to the front of the community and I contacted my father who was irate that he had to come pick me up.” 

Gonzales described locking eyes with Vanity later at Warped Tour where she had a complete meltdown and needed to leave. 

You can watch both Hall and Gonzales speak with Hansen in full in the video below. 

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In 2018, an exposé with MetalSucks showed several women coming forward sharing their experiences with Dahvie Vanity. Some of the people speaking out ended up using pseudonyms to protect their identities. The history of the allegations began in 2006 with some victims being as young as 13 at the time of their assaults.

Huffington Post then posted an article detailing nearly two dozen scenarios of Vanity sexually assaulting women.

Following the multiple reports on the situation, Blood On The Dance Floor’s merch store on Big Cartel was pulled from their site.

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Then, HuffPost wrote another article on the topic bringing the total number of potential victims from 16 to 21.

The majority of the allegations say that Vanity forced them to perform oral sex. Of the women coming forward at the time, some said he wouldn’t let them stop until their “mouths bled”. The other seven women reported that he either molested or raped them.

Recently, Chris Hansen was discussing the details of his investigation into Onision and mentioned that Vanity was also on his radar. 

“Dahvie Vanity is on our radar here at Have a Seat with Chris Hansen and I promise you I’ll take a really good, hard look at it. We’ll be tackling that topic as we move forward in all these investigations.”

Earlier in the month, Hansen sat down with Jeffree Star who says he wants to help in whatever ways possible with the investigation.

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Initially, the MetalSucks exposé also detailed accounts from Star and Ash Costello of New Year’s Day saying that Vanity engaged in inappropriate behavior with underage girls in front of them.

“Dahvie has always been horrible,” Star begins. I was happy that people are finally getting a voice because back in the day I don’t think a lot of people took things like this serious. The subject matter that we’re going to discuss today and everything that he’s been accused of. People back in the day did not take it as serious as they do now. Which is so horrible. So I’m glad that things are really coming to light and at the end of the day, the goal is for him to be sitting in a prison cell.”

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Hansen also got former BOTDF member Fallon Vendetta to appear on the show. The pair lived together and briefly dated while former vocal coach and collaborator Jennifer Hill also showed up. You can read about their experiences here.

New Years Day members Ash Costello and Nikki Misery also joined Hansen. They described their touring experiences with Blood On The Dance Floor. Costello described a scenario where Vanity allegedly choked her. You can read more about that here.

Recently, Hood, Faaborg and Cook spoke with Hansen about their experiences and the investigation. Their stories can be read about here.

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