Scene superfan Dale Earnhardt Jr. promotes a show with the Dangerous Summer
photo: The Dangerous Summer/Facebook]

NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. is no stranger to our scene, and he only further proved that with his latest promotion of a show with the Dangerous Summer at a race this weekend.

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The Dangerous Summer will be performing at a race at Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania on Saturday. The show is presented by Earnhardt Jr. and is free for race attendees or $10 per car. Crazy Hearts and Porter & Sayles will also be performing at the show.

He previously tweeted his love for bands such as the Wonder Years, the Dangerous Summer and Go Radio by showing off a screenshot of his workout playlist.


The tweet prompted lead vocalist Dan Campbell to thank the NASCAR driver and invite him to a show. That was the beginning of a beautiful, albeit unexpected, friendship.


He eventually hung out with the Dangerous Summer, proving he’s more than just a fan, but a friend who drinks beers with the band at 10 a.m.


Earnhardt Jr. even produced a music video for the band’s song “Ghosts,” so it literally can’t get more real. He officially has a second job in the music business in our book.

It’s a little surprising that someone in the NASCAR scene is one of us, but we couldn’t love it anymore than we already do.

This promotion of the show is just an icing on the cake. It makes us wonder what other bands he’s into, or if he is planning to make it to any of the stops of Vans Warped Tour this year.