If you're anything like us, the Dangerous Summer's self-titled album is one of your most anticipated releases of 2018, and you're still spinning their comeback single “Fire” nonstop.

Now, get ready because we just got a little sneak peek of a new song from the band.

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NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. shared a video of the Dangerous Summer playing “Ghost” acoustically, and it's beautiful.

The acoustic session happened because they wrapped the music video shoot for the song early, according to the NASCAR driver, who was working on the project.

Perdomo shared a behind the scenes video of the shoot on his Instagram: 


Riding in that ‘64 Bel Air. Behind the scenes of #ghosts

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However, Earnhardt was the one who gave fans a real BTS look.

He shared pictures, videos and even teased some of the scenes. You can take a look at them below:

The track is the second single from the band's upcoming record, the first after their 2014 split.

“Getting back together was a perfect storm of a lot of things,” vocalist AJ Perdomo told AP. “We found an opening and a time to do this.  A lot of people were reaching out to us and saying, ‘Are you guys interested in getting this together? Will you play some shows?’ But while the opportunity presented itself to us to do it, we didn’t want to lead with just playing shows and go straight for the easy thing and make a quick buck. We wanted to lead with the music. The heart of our band revolves around how we’ve always believed wholeheartedly in our music.”

We can't wait to watch the video and get the full record on Jan. 26.

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