Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room (Alkaline Trio) announce new album, ‘Party Adjacent’

May 1, 2015
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Dan Andriano In the Emergency Room will release their Jeff Rosenstock-produced sophomore album, Party Adjacent, on July 17 via Xtra Mile Records. 

Andriano, who also serves as the bassist for Alkaline Trio, comments on the project, saying, “The Emergency Room started as something for me to do with songs I had been writing that didn’t seem to have a place on Alkaline Trio records.”

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You can check out the artwork and full track listing for Party Adjacent, below.

Track listing:

01) Pretty Teeth
02) Wait
03) Eye Contact
04) Don't Have A Thing
05) My Human Being
06) Haunt Your House
07) Fire Pit
08) Enemies
09) Lowrider
10) Plain Old Whiskey
11) Lost
12) Snake Bites

Written by AltPress