Dance Gavin Dance swanfest

Dance Gavin Dance have dropped an instrumental version of their album Artificial Selection following a tweet from Rise Records last night, teasing that they would be dropping a DGD video.

Fans immediately assumed the video would be new, but instead, we were given two hilarious revisions that you simply have to watch.

Rise Records just pulled one over on all of us.

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Yesterday, Rise Records took to Twitter to tease fans with the announcement of a Dance Gavin Dance video.

“Dropping a @DGDtheband video tonight.”

At midnight, DGD announced that the instrumental version of their Artificial Selection album was now available on all streaming platforms.

As for that video Rise Records was teasing? We received not one, but two cleverly revised music videos to correspond with the instrumental album.

Check out the “new” videos for “Midnight Crusade” and “Care” below!

The fan comments were just as entertaining as the revised videos.

You can stream the entire instrumental album below.

What did you think of DGD’s revised videos? Did Rise Records pull one over on you? Sound off in the comments below!

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