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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of us missed out on a lot of live shows and events this year. However, it looks like Dance Gavin Dance have found a way for fans to relive their concerts over and over again.

For Christmas, Dance Gavin Dance have unveiled a special surprise that fans have been asking for for over four years.

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On Dec. 19, Dance Gavin Dance took over the historic Tower Bridge in their hometown of Sacramento for a special virtual livestream. During the Tree City Sessions Volume 2 performance, Dance Gavin Dance played various hits and even let fans curate the show’s entire setlist.

Drummer Matt Mingus exclusively told Alternative Press that this recent livestream was special for Dance Gavin Dance. Why? Well, it helped make up for their postponed tour dates and annual Swanfest.

“It feels really good honestly, and it was unexpected without Swanfest,” he says. “I don’t know what we could do, and [we were] talking about livestreams prior to this Tower Bridge thing. We were trying to think of how to do it in a cool venue or a studio setting. Getting to use the elements of our actual city as the backdrop for the livestream is really cool and definitely a nice surprise for the way that this year was going.”

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Now, it looks like Dance Gavin Dance have gifted fans something they’ve been asking for for years. As a little Christmas present to their dedicated fanbase, Dance Gavin Dance have released Tree City Sessions Volume 2a full live album.

Unlike the first Tree City Sessions, the band didn’t record these tracks in a studio. Instead, the entire LP was recorded during Dance Gavin Dance’s recent Sacramento livestream. Now, fans officially have 15 new live tracks they’ve been waiting for for over four years.

Tree City Sessions Volume 2 includes recorded live performances of hits including “NASA,” “Blue Dream” and “Nothing Shameful.” The streaming event was produced in association with Danny Wimmer Presents. Together, they were able to create one of the most successful livestream events the genre saw this year.

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The Tree City Sessions 2 stream was an exciting project for DWP to work on from start to finish,” Wimmer says. “We were very pleased with how well it performed. From the next level production of the visuals and sound, to becoming one of the top ticket-selling streams in their genre for this year. The end result of the overwhelming, positive responses from the fans. It was a win-win for everyone involved.”

Vinyl pre-orders for Tree City Sessions Volume 2 are available here and the entire album is available to stream below.

What are your reactions to Tree City Sessions Volume 2? What did you think of Dance Gavin Dance’s recent livestream? Let us know in the comments below.