Watch Daniel Radcliffe react to hilarious ‘Harry Potter’ memes on ‘Fallon’
[Photo by: The Tonight Show/YouTube]

Daniel Radcliffe was featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night. The Harry Potter sweetheart was shown a series of memes and his reactions are priceless.

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The actor went on the show to talk about his upcoming play The Lifespan Of A Fact. The comedy centers around a fact checker (Daniel Radcliffe) sent out on an assignment that is bound to stir up trouble. The Lifespan Of A Fact will begin Sept. 20 and run on Broadway for 16 weeks. You can pick up your tickets for the show here.

However, the segment that captured everyone’s hearts was Radcliffe reacting to memes of himself circa the HP days.

Radcliffe shared his thoughts on his “uncool” self-image during the chain’s filming, melted over dogs (or “puggles,” if you will) and watched various popular twitter phenomena. Watch the video for yourself below.

Just like us, the internet is freaking out.

While some of the memes looked to be pretty old, Radcliffe’s reactions were heartfelt and pure. One of the highlights of the episode was Radcliffe reacting to Twitter user @KelseyEllison’s fabulous Hermione dance, which you can watch below.

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