Danny Worsnop
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Asking Alexandria‘s Danny Worsnop dropped a brand new solo track last week titled “Best Bad Habit.” The song comes from his forthcoming solo album Shades Of Blue which is set to drop May 10 via Sumerian Records. It’s no secret that Worsnop’s solo endeavor differs from Asking Alexandria, but when it comes to those who hate on his solo art because it doesn’t sound like AA, Worsnop is no longer feeding into the haters.

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In a recent interview with Kerrang!, Worsnop revealed that this solo album will be very different from his last.

“It’s just me doing my thing and exploring my potential within my own sound, my own voice and my own songwriting,” Worsnop explains. “People have been asking me recently if it’s another country record; in places yes it is, but it’s also a blues record, a rock record, a funk record and a soul record. It is, in its purest form, a Danny Worsnop record. It’s not the sound of a particular genre – it’s the sound of a particular artist.”

When it comes to those who continually attempt to compare everything to old Asking Alexandria, Worsnop says he’s over trying to please everybody.

“Back when music was my primary income source and I was using it to pay the bills, there was an element of me chasing listeners, but as soon as that went away and I started doing other things, I realized that it could be fun again. At this point, if nobody buys this album, I’m going to be okay. I had a blast making the record, I’m going to take it on tour and have a blast playing it–and that’s it. I don’t care anymore. I’m going to make music for me–which I always did but still catered to people–but now I don’t have to. I’m very fortunate that there are fans out there who love listening to the things I enjoy making. I appreciate that every single day.”

As far as responding to the haters hiding behind their keyboards, Worsnop no longer gives them the time of day.

“I used to fall for it and feed into it, but in the end [Danny’s fiancée] Victoria sat me down and said, ‘You’ve got to stop replying to those people, because you’re just encouraging them.’ At this point I have nothing to say to those people. They go out of their way to find things they hate and complain about them on the internet; they have to find something negative to put on other people so that they’re not alone in their misery. Nothing I say is going to change their minds or their attitudes – that’s who they are as people. You go live your miserable fucking lives – I don’t have time to deal with you!”

You can check out the full interview on Kerrang! here.

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