Dave Grohl to release mini-documentary about mastering a musical instrument
[Photo by: Andrew Stuart]

Dave Grohl has shared his new documentary, Play, and it’s pretty incredible.

In addition to interviews with music student, the video includes a 23-minute track the musician wrote and recorded by himself. Watch the documentary in full below.

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Play is a documentary about the challenges of mastering a musical instrument, which the Foo Fighters frontman and guitarist directed with his Sound City/Sonic Highways collaborator Mark Monroe.

The film starts with a look at the relationship a person develops with an instrument when attempting to master it.

“Watching my kids start to play music and learn to sing or play drums, it brings me back to the time when I was their age listening to albums, learning from listening…” Grohl shares.

Grohl also wrote a 23-minute original composition to demonstrate the shared obstacles he and music students experience when learning their craft. The frontman wrote music for seven different instruments and played on each of them separately, in full. You can watch the results in the documentary.

Watch the film in full below:

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