Another day, another Grohlian headline. At their Calgary stop, while on their current world tour in support of Sonic Highways, frontman Dave Grohl made a point to boast of Foo Fighters' performance endurance, making note of their usual three-hour shows as opposed to still-budding bands with much shorter setlists. 

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In a characteristically profanity-laden fashion, Grohl says to the audience: “You don’t want one of those little hour and a half long shows do you? You don’t want that shit. All of those new bands that play those little two-hour concerts, you don’t want that shit. Two hours and 15, I don’t think is enough. Two and a half hours, does that sound okay? That’s not enough, is it? Here’s our fucking problem: We’ve been a band for 20 fucking years, we have a lot of fucking songs, and then add my big mouth on top of that, and we’re going to be here all night.”

You can watch a vertical, fan-shot video of the occurrence below.