Dave Grohl explains why he and his bandmates rickrolled the Westboro Baptist Church

August 24, 2015
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This past Friday, the Westboro Baptist Church were in Kansas City to protest a Foo Fighter’s show. Their display of ignorance, however, was upstaged by the band after they conducted a hilarious rickroll directly in front of the picket.

At the show that night, frontman Dave Grohl addressed their act of epic-ness.  during the beginning of an acoustic performance of “My Hero.” “You can't just sit there and do nothing; you got to go out and say what you want to say. So we did,” the singer candidly stated, (via Rolling Stone). “We were sitting backstage, and someone said: 'Guess who is coming tonight?' And I said, 'Who?' They said, 'Them.' I said, 'Why?' They said, 'Cause.' And I said, 'Cool, let's go out and fuckin' hang out with them,’” 

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“We didn't have enough time to put together the big old show that we put on last time, so we figured, you know what, why don't we just fucking rickroll their ass?” he later continued. “Cause nothing says love like a little Rick Astley in your life, you know what I'm saying? Never gonna give his ass up!” 

You can watch a fan-shot video of Grohl’s speech below.

Written by AltPress