Davey Suicide breaks down ‘IT Chapter Two’ with what did and didn’t work

September 7, 2019
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While some people haven’t felt as strongly about IT Chapter Two as they did the first film, Davey Suicide gave his thoughts on the film and really enjoyed it.

The musician offered his thoughts and broke down a whole lot of points about what worked and what didn’t. Fair warning, major spoilers ahead!

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“I think expectations sometimes ruin the outcome of things and you’ve just got to let it happen so that’s what I did with this,” he starts his review off with.

Davey goes on to note that sequels often are negatively affected by the original film but yet, he doesn’t feel like IT Chapter Two does that.

The musician also noted the Stephen King cameo in the film, relating it to how Marvel often got Stan Lee to appear in their films.

While he is critical of how the movie ends, he also sees good points in the ending and ultimately sees Pennywise as the perfect villain.

“I didn’t even like the ending,” he says. “Pennywise to me was the villain you want. It’s perfect. It’s got the contrast of someone you should hate but he’s so inviting. He brings you in and as soon as you’re thinking he’s good he kills you. It’s perfect. Even at the end when he becomes the spider, it was cannon to the story and the book.”

He criticizes the redundancy of going over every character’s background but also points out that it was interesting to get more information on everyone. Further, Davey wishes they gave a bit more time to Mike who brought the adult Losers Club back to Derry after all these years.

“All in all, the horror aspect with the humour contrast led to a really enjoyable, it was a long movie but it didn’t feel long to me. I think they wrapped it up cool with the scars going away.”

You can check out Davey Suicide’s full review of the film in the video above.

What do you think of Davey Suicide’s take on IT Chapter Two? Let us know your thoughts below!

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Written by Joe Smith-Engelhardt