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With the holiday season still among us, many of us are spending a lot of time watching some classic Christmas films. For some, their binge-worthy list includes the 1982 adaptation of The Snowman. The film famously opens up with a cameo from the legendary David Bowie.

Now, a producer on the film is revealing the real story behind that famous snowman scarf.

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1982’s The Snowman begins with David Bowie telling a story about a snowman who came to life. The tranquil scene shows the late performer wandering around a room before sliding a blue snowman scarf around his neck. As it turns out, that particular clothing item has quite the story behind it.

Earlier this week, Bowie’s son Duncan Jones shared a photo with the scarf. After rediscovering the item in storage, Jones decided the timing was perfect to post a photo with it on.

“Went looking for sock monkeys in the storage boxes and FOUND THE SCARF!!! YAY!”

Jones’ post eventually led to producer Brian Harding, who produced Bowie’s The Snowman intro, revealing the real story behind the famous scarf. In a lengthy Twitter thread, Harding shares that the scarf was actually knitted by a woman who worked in the accounting department of the company that produced the animated film.

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“Hi Duncan! I am Brian Harding, who produced the filming of your father’s introduction to The Snowman,” he says. “You may not remember the history. The Scarf was knitted by the lady in the accounts department of TVC, the production company who made the animation.”

The woman eventually gave the scarf to Bowie. However, after filming wrapped, he asked if he could keep it for his son Zowie (Duncan Jones). In fact, keeping the scarf was the only “fee he charged” for appearing in the film.

“She came onto the set and presented it to David,” he continues. “When filming was over, David asked very politely if he could keep the scarf to give to his son, Zowie. This was the only fee he charged for the filming and I believe he offered his services for personal reasons.”

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In the end, Harding says that Bowie was just as we all remember him as.

“He was charming throughout and totally professional,” he says. “I am glad that the scarf found its way to the destination he intended: from the dude to another dude.”

Harding’s story eventually earned a response from Jones who thanked him for sharing the details surrounding the scarf.

“Thank you so much for the extra bit of background there Brian. A lovely true tale to go along with an equally lovely Christmas story.”

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Duncan Jones has been pretty active on social media over the past few years. Recently, he shared his reactions to that truly unforgettable Ziggy Stardust cake on the Great British Bake Off.

As well, back in 2019, Jones also revealed his thoughts on the unauthorized David Bowie biopic Stardust. The film earned criticism after it moved forward without the approval of Bowie’s family. Despite this, the movie’s star revealed the real reason they decided to make Stardust in the end.

What are your reactions to the real story behind David Bowie’s The Snowman scarf? Are you going to watch the film this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.