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In case you haven’t heard, David Hasselhoff is expanding his career into the world of metal music.

Now, curious listeners and metalheads are finally getting the first taste of his forthcoming single “Through The Night” with Austrian duo CueStack.

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Back in 2019, Hasselhoff revealed he is taking a slight break from the big screen to forge a career in metal music.

“I’m doing some heavy metal songs on my new album,” Hasselhoff said. “Why not? I do not have an album title yet, but it should read: ‘Everything is allowed.’ I do everything. Because I can. Because I want it.”

Now, after over a year of waiting, the world is finally getting the first look at his upcoming metal song with CueStack. This week, the group debuted a behind-the-scenes video of them working in the studio. The teaser reveals just how “Through The Night” was made and offers the first glimpse of Hasselhoff’s metal music debut.

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The project started in 2018. Many demos were made, many meetings were held and what seemed like an impossible idea slowly turned into a reality,” CueStack say. “David finally recorded the track with us in 2019 in Vienna. We also shot a cinematic music video together.”

CueStack further share that this entire project has been independently funded as they want to keep their creative freedom. However, CueStack need help financially to finish the “Through The Night” video and an upcoming documentary. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign which they hope will allow them to complete the project and finally debut Hasselhoff’s metal music to the world.

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Although the “Through The Night” video probably won’t be released in the near future, CueStack did reveal that fans are in for quite a treat.

“With a limited budget and schedule, we had to shoot the entire video with David in just one day,” they said. “That means we had to build much smaller versions of the sets we actually had in mind. To turn this dystopian retro sci-fi/cyberpunk vision into reality, a massive post-production effort is needed now, to extend these basic sets into cinematic, futuristic, living worlds.”

CueStack’s teaser with David Hasselhoff is available to watch below.

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