[Photo by: Frank Maddocks]

Good news Deftones fans, the band is in the studio working on some new music!

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Fans have been eagerly awaiting a follow-up to the band’s eighth studio album Gore, and judging from their Instagram, the band is currently working on it.

Last week, we reported that the band appeared to be working on some new jams in the studio. Fast forward to yesterday, keyboardist and turntablist Frank Delgado posted some new shots to his Instagram that has confirmed our latest suspicions.

Posting new behind-the-scenes studio shots, Delgado has seemingly confirmed through his many hashtags that the band is hard at work in the studio writing new material for a follow-up record.

Check out the posts below:

As we previously noted, the shots are similar to pictures the band posted on Instagram last week, which, included a photo of guitarist Stephen Carpenter at work where it was noted that they’re in Sacramento, California.

Last year, Moreno chatted about Deftones’ writing process and discussed the band’s future plans.

“When we make records, we don’t really talk about what we’re trying to do or what our ideas are for it, we kind of just go in and make music,” Moreno said. “That’s what keeps it fresh for us. We don’t try to box ourselves into these pre-conceived ideas, but we have talked about getting together sooner [rather] than later to start making noise together—just out of pure excitement of creating music.”

The band released Gore, their eighth studio album, back in April of 2016.

We’re beyond excited for new music from the band, and it looks like it’s coming sooner than we originally thought!

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