[Photos by: Dictionary.com]

Emojis are truly a language all their own, and Dictionary.com is recognizing this by adding emojis to their site—becoming the first major reference to do so, as Time reports.

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As we all know, emojis sometimes have different meanings than first meet the eye…

For example, the goat emoji might represent the animal. But it also stands for “GOAT, an acronym meaning Greatest of All Time.”

“As a dictionary it’s our job to have reference content for the terms or communication tools that people have questions about,” Lauren Sliter, head of content strategy for Dictionary.com, tells Time. “And people have questions about what the eggplant emoji means.”

From the eggplant and sweat droplet emojis to the poo and rolling eyes emojis, there are now hilariously accurate definitions for their first batch of emojis.

Read through their full list of epic emoji descriptions here.