Reports coming in from Kotaku suggest that Warner Bros. knew for months that the PC port of Arkham City was not going well. With development being handled by Iron Galaxy, not Rocksteady, it appears that the publisher may have known things were going to be shaky for PC players. 

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From the Kotaku report:

Two sources, requesting anonymity to avoid jeopardizing their careers, spoke with Kotaku over the past week in hopes of explaining how the broken PC version of Arkham Knight made it out the door. They both said that Warner Bros. was aware of the many issues facing 'Arkham Knight' on PC and that the publisher chose to ship the game regardless, not to maniacally screw over customers—but because they believed it was good enough.

It does seem plausible that someone knew about the PC issues facing Arkham Knight, it's hard to imagine that such a massive AAA game would be made available for purchase with such pertinent issues. 

What do you think? Did Warner Bros. know?